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Let’s Start Our Own LibraryThing!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on October 30, 2007


Back before Oprah launched her book club in 1996, many people outside of public library patrons had never heard of them. Now people who had never even read a book before are avid bibliophiles like us. A study by scholars Ribovich and Erickson reported in Library Media Connection showed that lifelong readers usually develop their love of reading before they become adults. Book clubs are a great way to become more involved in reading! Since we haven’t been able to come to a consensus about a book to read together, why don’t we submit online reviews of the books we have read recently? Whenever you read a good book, submit a comment to this post so other bibliophiles can read it and maybe they will want to read the book also. Ms. Fleet will also set up a new LibraryThing account just for the Blatant Bibliophiles. See Ms. Fleet for the user name and password. Whenever you read a book, you can post it on the Blatant Bibliophile Library Thing account. Each account will only hold 200 books. Can we reach 200 books before school is out? By the way, have you checked out Ms. Fleet and Ms. Hamilton’s Library Thing account? There is also a link on the sidebar of the Blatant Bibliophile Blog.

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