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LibraryThing is Waiting for You, Baby!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on October 30, 2007


Our LibraryThing account is set up! Please click here to read about how to enter your books and review them on our account. See Ms. Fleet for the user name and password to access our account. Let’s see how quickly our LibraryThing library can build up. This is the link for our page. When you enter a book, please add your first name as one of the tags so we can see who read the book. I have added one of my recently-read books to get us started. Has anyone else read my first entry The Glass Castle? It is a great Georgia Peach Book Award nominee that my adult book club is also reading. Hey! Maybe I’ll have them open a LibraryThing account!

One Response to “LibraryThing is Waiting for You, Baby!”

  1. Waco adventurer said

    Library Thing is great. I signed up awhile back for the free service, and entered just a portion of my library, but haven’t added much lately. Have fun with it!

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