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What Should You Read Next?

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on November 14, 2007

What Can I Read Next

Did you ever read a book you just looooovvvved and then wanted more of the same? Well here are some solutions you should try:

  1. NoveList: Click on this link or go to the Media Center’s list of research databases and look for NoveList under English/Language Arts/Literature. You can get the Galileo password from the Media Center. Open NoveList and click on Readers’ Advisory. Do a Quick Search on the left for a title. When you find the book you loved, click on the pretty purple “Find Similar Books” button. You will see a list of subjects related to your favorite book, and you can uncheck any of them that you want to omit from potential new book searches; then click on “Search.” You will see a list of similar titles. Click on the link for a title that interests you, and you will see reviews of the book to help you decide if you really want to read it. That book doesn’t sound so hot? Try one of the other suggested titles!
  2. This a free website that allows you to type in the name and author of a favorite book and then receive a list of similar titles. You can then click on one (or several!) of the related titles and be whisked away to Amazon reviews of the comparable books.
  3. Destiny Online Catalog: Once you find a book you like, look it up in the online catalog, (see Ms. Fleet or Ms. Hamilton if you don’t know how, or beg your English teacher to bring your class in for Destiny training!) and you will see subject headings in the record of the book. Many of the subject headings are links. If you see a link that interests you, like vampires or wizards or basketball, click on the link to find other books in our collection that are also available on this topic. The catalog will also tell you if the books are available and where they are located in the media center.  Take a look at this record for Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. You can click on the subject headings for a quick link to books about vampires, werewolves, schools, school stories, Seattle, Washington, interpersonal relations, horror fiction, and other books by Stephenie Meyer. By the way, you can also click on the cover photo to read reviews and other information about the book.
  4. What Do I Read Next?: This is a subscription service we have available from GALE.  See a media specialist for the password!  Gale gives you and your users over 115,000 titles, more than 62,500 plot summaries, 561 awards titles, recommended reading lists and biographical information. Most books included in What Do I Read Next? must be an award-winner, a best seller or have appeared on a recommended reading list.  Genres include inspirational, mystery, romance, science fiction, fantasy, horror, western and historical novels, general fiction, classic fiction and nonfiction. The user-friendly software includes custom, in-depth search options by title, author, subject, genre, locale and more.This unique readers’ advisory tool allows you to:
  • Identify new books to enjoy that meet a personalized reading profile
  • Create customized reading lists by using the “Keeper List” function
  • Conduct a “Find Similar” title search or view the list of similar titles supplied by genre experts     
  • Hyperlink between titles and recommended reading and award lists, and between series entries and the titles in the series
  • A monthly highlights page allows the user to see selections of award winners, upcoming titles, and titles that revolve around different subjects each month

Happy Reading!

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