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How About Harry?

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on December 20, 2007

Harry Potter

We have had a suggestion of discussing the Harry Potter series of books and movies after the break. Please see Ms. Fleet to sign up, or sign up by commenting here, if you are interested. Please indicate if you would like to join a discussion group at 7:45, 3:15, or during your lunch. The discussions would include any interesting topics from the books, discrepancies between the books and the movies, or anything which anyone would like to discuss. If you plan to attend, you might want to refresh your knowledge of the books and movies over the holiday break.

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Santa Drops Off Even More Audiobooks

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on December 13, 2007


Santa has dropped by the Unquiet Library with a few new audiobooks for your listening entertainment. If you are going on a trip during the break, or you like to listen while you work out, why not try out these new selections. There are a few audiobooks in the Creekview High School’s collection. Just login to the Destiny Online Catalog and type in “audiobooks” for your search term. You can click on the title for a review from Amazon, but you may have to scroll down a little to read the review. In case you have forgotten what the other audiobooks are that we have in our collection, you can click here to see the list of audiobooks previously available. I have listened to all the books and can personally vouch for all of them! Here’s the new list:
My Sister’s Keeper (Jodi Picoult) (cassette)
Incantation (Alice Hoffman) (MP-3 CD)

Rise and Shine (Anna Quindlen)

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All Together Now!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on December 12, 2007


Whoever thought something created by librarians could be of interest to normal humans? Well, here it is: ATN Reading Lists at Wikispaces. The ATN stands for “all together now.” But who cares if librarians made it? It’s got cool lists of books, including “readalikes”…you know, if you liked Twilight, you’ll like Blood and Chocolate, stuff like that. There are tons of lists, including lists by school subject, genre, or theme. You’re sure to find lots of interesting and helpful books. Why not give it a try!

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Fantastic Fiction Is, Well, Fantastic!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on December 12, 2007


I have no idea who the workaholic behind the Fantastic Fiction website is. You can’t figure it out from the site, just that it’s someone British. The site doesn’t even look very glam, and there are ads. Ordinarily I’d be telling you that these are indicators of a not-so-great site. But if you want to find out what’s new from your latest author, or you want to quickly see the order of books in your favorite series (you know, like, what’s the third Harry Potter book?), this is a great place to look. You can search authors alphabetically; look for new releases or coming attractions; peruse most popular titles, authors, and series; and even locate authors by year of birth and death. There is even a list of award winning books. Find a book you can’t live without? There are links to discount booksellers. I didn’t even know that there was a new addition to the Uglies series by Scott Westerfield (you know: Uglies, Pretties, Specials) until I found it on the Fantastic Fiction site. (The new sequel is called Extras, by the way!) Be sure to bookmark this site or add it to your bookmarks, all you Blatant Bibliophiles, or you’ll wish you had the next time you’re looking for a new book!

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