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District Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Results

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on February 11, 2008

Helen Ruffin

Mrs. Fleet and Mrs. Hamilton volunteered Saturday at the northern district Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl competition. It was a first-time experience for both of us and quite an eye-opener, to say the least. Mrs. Fleet read questions and decided if the answers were right or wrong and Mrs. Hamilton kept score. It was an awesome responsibility! The Reading Bowl is open to teams of students in grades four through twelve from across the state. Elementary and middle school students are tested on the original twenty titles from the Georgia Children’s Book Award nominees and high school students are tested on the twenty Georgia Peach Book Award nominees. The winning teams from the four regional Reading Bowls will compete for the state championship on March 1 at the Georgia Children’s Literature Conference in Athens. Congratulations to the following northern district winners:

·         Elementary

1.       Still

2.       Harmony

3.       A. L. Burruss

·         Middle

1.       Smitha

2.       Lovinggood

3.       Trion

·         High

1.       Gilmer

2.       Osborne

3.       Pickens

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