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Posted by blatantbibliophiles on March 5, 2008

Want to post your videos to your blog or MySpace? Well, welcome to Vod:Pod! Here’s what you do:

  • Go to your blog Dashboard
  • Click on Presentation.
  • Go to Widgets
  • Add the Vod:Pod Videos widget to your sidebar
  • Click on the configure icon
  • Click on the Start a Pod link to create a Vod:Pod Account
  • Enter the name you want to use for your Vod:Pod
  • Click Create Pod
  • You should now be on your Vod:Pod page
  • Go to the bottom
  • Click Tools
  • Follow directions to install the Vodpod Browser button (do this step on any computer you will want to use to save on to your Vod:Pod account)
  • Go back to your blog and add the URL of your Vodpod to the widget
  • Close the configure box
  • Click on Save changes
  • When you find a video you want to add to your blog or website, click on the Save to Vodpod link in Your Favorites
  • A Vod:Pod pop-up window will appear
  • Choose to which pod to save the video
  • Click publish
  • The video will show up on your blog in the sidebar

Thanks to Kristine Wood of Teasley Middle School for these directions!

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