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Take Your Favorite Authors’ Pulse!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on March 17, 2008

Pulse Blogfest

Simon & Schuster is launching their first annual Pulse Blogfest — a two-week event From March 14 to March 27, 2008, where over 120 top teen authors and their fans come together to share ideas on one single blog. But how does Pulse Blogfest work? Over the past few weeks, Pulse Blogfest  solicited questions from teen readers, including those on their Pulse IT  advisory teen board, as well as on the Pulse Blogfest MySpace page, and then they chose fourteen questions that covered a wide range of topics. Each day, for two weeks, they will have one featured question. For each question, dozens of our authors will be posting blog entries addressing that question. You’ll be able to get dozens of unique viewpoints of the same question. Each participating author will be answering anywhere from one to seven different questions throughout the event. Unfortunately, you can no longer submit questions for the authors to answer. The fourteen questions that will be answered during the blogfest have already been chosen, so they won’t be taking submissions for new questions at this time. However, you can still post your own thoughts and feelings about any author’s blog entries. But there are certain restrictions. In order to post a response to a particular blog entry, go to the end of the entry. There, you’ll see something that looks like a link that shows the number of comments thus far for that entry. To post your comment, follow the same etiquette that applies to your comments on the Blatant Bibliophile Blog: use only your first name, use appropriate language, and be patient: the comments are moderated, so they may not appear immediately. The authors may or may not be able to return comments related to your comments. Have fun and enjoy the authors!

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