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Poem of the Day: Day Two

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on April 2, 2008


Did you enjoy the Poem of the Day yesterday? In case you didn’t notice, it was by our nation’s Poet Laureate, Charles Simic. Here is today’s Poem of the Day, by poet Robert Creeley from Massachusetts. Click here to read a biography about Mr. Creeley at, the official website of The Academy of American Poets. You can also read an article on the website about Mr. Simic.  Hint: If you click on each author’s name under the title of her/his poem each day, you’ll get a link to his bio at the website! Enjoy!

The Charm
by Robert Creeley

My children are, to me,
what is uncommon: they are dumb
and speak with signs. Their hands

are nervous, and fit more for
hysteria, than goodwill or long
winterside conversation.

Where fire is, they are quieter
and sit, comforted. They were born
by their mother in hopelessness.

But in them I had been, at first,
tongue. If they speak,
I have myself, and love them.

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