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Book Divas Welcomes Cecilia Galante

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on April 21, 2008

Cecilia Galante

Book Divas is looking forward to having Cecilia Galante, author of The Patron Saint of Butterflies, visit their site,  Book Divas from April 21- April 28. They invite you to stop by and ask Cecilia questions all throughout the week about her stunning debut novel, inspired by her own experiences of growing up on a religious commune. This story is a powerful tale of faith, friendship, and the true meaning of love. If you haven’t received a free, advance copy of The Patron Saint of Butterflies make sure you pick up a copy because it is bound to be enjoyed by all! You can start leaving your questions in Cecilia’s forum on Book Divas now!

Here’s some info from Book Divas about The Patron Saint of Butterflies:

Agnes and Honey have always been different, but the older they get, the more they are growing apart. Born into Mount Blessing, a religious commune with stringent rules and guarded secrets, the girls are complete opposites of each other. While Agnes has made it her life’s purpose to become a saint, Honey wants to get as far away from the commune as possible. When Agnes’s grandmother Nana Pete unexpectedly visits, she discovers one of the commune’s most sinister secrets. Fearing for their safety, Nana Pete takes the girls and flees Mount Blessing.

During their journey from the commune toward what Honey hopes will be a normal life, the girls test the bonds of their lifelong friendship, and Agnes struggles to hang on to the life she had. Only when the biggest – and most dangerous – lie is finally unearthed does Agnes realize she must find the courage to make her own future.

And here’s some info about author Cecilia Galante:


Cecilia Galante grew up in a religious commune in upstate New York until the age of 15. Being able to draw on her childhood memories and experiences helped shape The Patron Saint of Butterflies. But it wasn’t the only thing; and it wasn’t even the most important thing. The most important thing was getting the characters, who, while figments of her imagination, are still very much their own people. What matters most to her as a writer is to create characters that people will care about long after the last page has been read. Cecilia is currently a high school English teacher, and lives with her husband and three children in Kingston, PA.  Her favorite kind of pie is peach. But if there are no fruit pies available, she will lick the plate clean of a peanut butter pie.

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