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I’m Stuck on Stixy…and Stixy’s Stuck on Me (Maybe)

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on September 25, 2008


Why haven’t you tried Stixy? Don’t you know that Web 2.0 applications get lonely, too? Well, apparently they do. I signed up a while back for Stixy, forgot that we were friends, and then Stixy sent me a needy email begging me to come back and play. So I, being a kind person, did. You can post “stuff” onto stixy boards and allow your friends to view them so that you can share information such as pictures, documents, post-it notes, and  to-do lists. As with many Web 2.0 sites, you can invite your friends to join you. Stixy works sort of like a wiki in which all the friends can share and edit each other’s information, only prettier.  Once you decide if you want a note, picture, document, or to-do, you just drag it onto your stixyboard. You can resize it, change the color or font (except not on the to-do note—apparently they are always sacred pink!). Then upload the document or picture you want onto your document or picture area. You can even do all four options in one stixy! Then you click on options and save your stixy, decide if it is public, whether or not you want to invite friends, save the URL if you wish, and voila! A star is born! Well, maybe just a planet. Or whatever they’re calling Pluto these days. 



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