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Archive for October 9th, 2008

Oh! No! Not Another Contest!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on October 9, 2008

OK, so we’re reading our books now, and we’re writing our six-word memoirs, and we’re discussing the books, so what more could we do? How about another contest! What? What? Another contest? Let’s do electronic posters based on our books, any book you read and enjoy, preferably our group book, but any book will do. By now I think everyone is familiar with Glogster, but if you’re not, see Mrs. Fleet for details. Come by at lunch, before school, or after school, and I will have you glogging in no time. Then you can email your glog to Mrs. Fleet and we’ll post the best glogs in the media center. We’ll select a monthly winner of a Barnes & Noble gift certificate. See Mrs. Fleet for her email address or for more info about Glogster. Remember to add some text boxes with a little content on your glog; don’t just make it all graphics and images.

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Enter Your Six-Word Book Memoirs and Win!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on October 9, 2008

Can you share the story of your life in six words? How about the story of a book? Smithteens is planning a new book called Six-Word Memoirs by Teens Famous and Obscure. You can go to their website and enter their contest by telling the story of your life in exactly six words. Or why not enter our contest by telling the story of a book in six words? Life how about describing Twilight like this: Bella loves Edwards; Jacob loves her. OK, so that was lame, but I composed it in about five seconds. You could take a little longer and do a much better job. So submit your six word memoirs of books here. Remember to follow our blogging rules by entering only your first name if you want to win the contest. Just click on the title above to enter your memoir. Enter your email address, which will not be published, but it will help us figure out who won the contest. You can also enter the six word memoir contest at the Unquiet Library blog, or at Smithteens. If you enter at Smithteens, you’ll have a chance to be in their next book. If you enter here, you’ll have a chance to win a Barnes and Noble gift certificate. But only if you’re a Creekview student.

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It’s Election Time, So Vote!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on October 9, 2008

OK, all you Blatant Bibliophiles, if we are going to call ourselves a book club, we really should read a book together so we have something to talk about besides each other and, well, you know, teachers! So here is a poll in which you can vote on some books that I like, and which I hope you will like. OK, I don’t like every single one of them–there is one on the list that I have not read yet, but which I understand is great. It has already won an award and is nominated for another award. Guess which one it is? If you are actually a Creekview student and you are actually a Blatant Bibliophile member, please participate in the poll and select a book from the list above, or submit your own choice. If you cannot obtain your own copy of the book, I will try to acquire as many copies as possible. That is why I am choosing books that I think will be available in paperback. From somewhere cheap. Except for The Host. (What was I thinking?) So please don’t submit a book that just came out today. Unless you can afford to buy copies for all of us.

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