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It’s Election Time, So Vote!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on October 9, 2008

OK, all you Blatant Bibliophiles, if we are going to call ourselves a book club, we really should read a book together so we have something to talk about besides each other and, well, you know, teachers! So here is a poll in which you can vote on some books that I like, and which I hope you will like. OK, I don’t like every single one of them–there is one on the list that I have not read yet, but which I understand is great. It has already won an award and is nominated for another award. Guess which one it is? If you are actually a Creekview student and you are actually a Blatant Bibliophile member, please participate in the poll and select a book from the list above, or submit your own choice. If you cannot obtain your own copy of the book, I will try to acquire as many copies as possible. That is why I am choosing books that I think will be available in paperback. From somewhere cheap. Except for The Host. (What was I thinking?) So please don’t submit a book that just came out today. Unless you can afford to buy copies for all of us.

3 Responses to “It’s Election Time, So Vote!”

  1. Comma Splice Queen said

    Aight y’all. Most people have already read Twilight. If we want to analyze a book for it’s themes, symbolism, and other lit terms we, *cough* love :D, we should probably pick something else. I’m glad Walk Two Moons is winning so far because not only does it have a good story it can be analyzed as well. Which makes me wonder, ARE we going to analyze it? Or will we just discuss the story? TRIVIA ROCKS

  2. Sarah said

    I have a copy of “the host” so if that one was to win I could just use my own copy, but no worries, I havent read it yet.

  3. Sunsand said

    I think we should read the perks of being a wallflower. It hasn’t gotten nearly as much recognition as I think it should have. People have already read twilight, walk two moons is a bit underage for high schoolers… the perks of being a wallflower is much more high school and it’s got a lot of excellent symbolism and it tackles a lot of issues in today’s society.

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