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To Trivia or Not to Trivia? That is the Question?

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on October 10, 2008

Remember how much fun we had playing trivia last year? Well, maybe, just maybe we should do it again. If you would like for the Blatant Bibliophiles to bring back trivia for 2008-2009, reply to this post by clicking on the title and leaving a comment. Check out the blog manners above if you don’t remember how to leave a comment; mainly, just remember to enter your first name only when you’re online. You can help out with trivia by participating, encouraging your friends to participate, and maybe helping out with getting the refreshments out if you’re not participating.

4 Responses to “To Trivia or Not to Trivia? That is the Question?”

  1. Tri said

    YES! Trivia!!!!

  2. Jessica said

    Uh, yeah we should do trivia again! That was way fun!

    so, To Trivia, I say!

  3. Kayleigh said

    I think trivia is a great idea for this year. Especially if it worked out last year. Lets do it! Definitely!

  4. Sky said

    All over that. Brett, Shelby, Savannah and I say YES to trivia!!

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