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Trivia is Almost Here!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on November 10, 2008


Our first trivia meet of the year will be here this Friday, November 14 during all three lunches. If you are signed up to participate, make sure you bring your lunch to the media center and be ready to begin promptly at 11:45, 12:45, or 1:45. Today (November 10) is the last day to sign up your team, and we have had an overwhelming response. So far, we have nine teams signed up for fourth lunch, six teams for fifth lunch, and six teams for sixth lunch. Fourth lunch is a really HUGE lunch! What will the prize be for the winning teams? Maybe a million dollars each–or maybe a pizza party. We’ll also be providing snacks for all participants. And there are some guidelines:

·       All teams must be registered by Monday, November 10, 2008

·       No more than 6 students per team

·       The winning groups will share the prizes

·       Prizes will be given to the winning team of each lunch period

·       Forms must be returned to Mrs. Fleet, Mrs. Hamilton, or Mrs. Beasley.

·       Trivia will start promptly at 11:45, 12:45, and 1:45.

·       Bring your own lunch.

·       Snacks will be provided also!

And now (drum roll, please) for the (excellent) names of our participating teams. Why are some in larger fonts? Not because they are favorites. Go ask WordPress. At one point they were in Greek. Yes, Greek:

 ·       The No Names

 ·        Pretty in Pink

 ·       Quadrae Delinquo

 ·        The Bojangles

 ·       The Infernal Spawn of Evil (Be afraid; be very afraid!)

·        Justin Gerber

·       Geniuses

·       Team Superior (Not to be confused with Mother Superior!)

·       Test Ticklemonsters

·       Purple Drank

·       Intellectually Inclined Brodingnags!

 ·       The Semi-Brunette Bombshells

 ·       Team Buff

 ·       The Bon Bons

·       The J’s

 ·       Sprinkles

·       The Pink Draculas

·       Losers

·       A Cubed (You don’t want to see the long version!)

·       Aztecas

 ·       The Anti-Squirrels

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