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Only One More Day To Wait For Forever Princess

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on January 5, 2009


So what are you doing tomorrow, Bibliophiles? Why trying to get your  hands on a copy of  Princess Diaries X, the conclusion to the Princess Diaries series by Creekview fav author Meg Cabot. In Forever Princess, Mia has a lot of decisions to make–about college, the future of Genovia, Prince Phillipe, her first love Michael, and her dreamy boyfriend J.P. Will Mia make the right decisions? Her choices could not only affect the next four years of her life, but–forever! Join Mia in her final romp, Forever Princess. Check out Meg’s website for more details.

2 Responses to “Only One More Day To Wait For Forever Princess”

  1. vampiricme said

    i’ve read PD10, it was awesome! sorry for disturbin ya, but i’m just leafing through the topics with PD. maybe i’m just perfectly obsessed, that’s what. That’s all, Great Blog!!!!

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