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Read a Book with a Child; Honor Dr. Seuss’s Memory

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on March 2, 2009

Photo courtesy of librarianjill via flickr

It’s Read Across America Day! The event is held in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, March 2. The National Education Association has sponsored this event every year for the past eleven years, with this being the twelfth year of the program which focuses on motivating children to read and to master basic skills. While we don’t focus much on the celebration in high schools where, ideally, most of our patrons are already skillful readers, please consider reading to a younger sibling or friend today. The event asks that every child read today in the company of a caring adult, or perhaps a caring teen. If you have an interesting story about someone who helped you learn to read, or promoted your love of reading, i. e. made you into the Blatant Bibliophile that you are today, why not post a comment on the blog?

2 Responses to “Read a Book with a Child; Honor Dr. Seuss’s Memory”

  1. Sky said

    I’ve always loved to read…as soon as I learned to read, I’ve always been found with some kind of book on me. It’s just come naturally to me…so it used to drive me crazy when we were in “guided reading” groups…when we read the book aloud, I’d usually be 7 or 8 pages ahead… So I don’t know, I’ve always loved it.
    One of the people who influenced me to like literature was this one fifth grader… I think her name was Elizabeth, I don’t remember, I was in first grade. We used to get in this small group, it was me and maybe four kids and elizabeth and some other girl, and they’d teach us how to spell things and they’d read books to us. I remember being the only kid who was able to spell “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. Major. Street. Cred.

  2. blatantbibliophiles said

    Thanks, Sky. This is such a great story. When I was in first grade, I remember being shocked that so many of the other students couldn’t read. “What had they been doing with their lives for 6 years?” I wondered. This was a long time ago and we lived in a very small town, so no one went to kindergarten, but I had a big brother and sister who had taught me to read so long ago that I couldn’t even remember NOT being able to read. At home, we didn’t have a ton of books, so after reading them I read articles in our two sets of encyclopedias: World Book and Golden Book. Some of them had great pictures and were really interesting! At school, my first grade teacher divided the class into two groups: she led the low group and I led the high group, helping them with the words and correcting them whenever they made mistakes. For some reason, they didn’t seem to mind that I was just another first grader. It was my first teaching job. 🙂

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