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Why Wait for Hunted Chapter Two When You Can Have It in Your Ears Now?

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on March 2, 2009

House of Night Series – Hunted via kwout

If you are anxiously awaiting the March 10 release of the latest installment, Hunted,  in the House of Night series by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast–and let’s face it; who isn’t?–then you won’t be able to resist this new opportunity. If you saw our blog a couple of weeks ago, you know that the House of Night website posted the first chapter online. Well now they’ve done that one better. They have a podcast of chapter two. You can go to the website and listen to the second chapter right now. It’s actually a good reader! Why wait until March 10? If you haven’t read the first books, stop by The Unquiet Library today to check out Marked, Betrayed, Chose, and Untamed. We just got in a new shipment this week with new copies of all four books. Hunted should be coming in soon! Can’t wait!

4 Responses to “Why Wait for Hunted Chapter Two When You Can Have It in Your Ears Now?”

  1. Brenda said

    I couldn’t get the link to come up for chapter 2

  2. blatantbibliophiles said

    Thanks, Brenda. I just checked the link again and it is working for me; then I just scroll down and click on the play button where it says “Click play below to to listen to Chapter 2.” I think your computer doesn’t want you to hear Chapter 2! I am going to send you the link via email.

  3. Katelyn said

    Will there be another book after hunted?

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