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Help With Our Book Drive!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on March 5, 2009


In case you haven’t checked your email lately, Bibliophiles, we had a request from Meghan F. (a media center patron, but not a Bibliophile member) for donations of used books for the Women’s Crisis Center. I thought this might be a worthy project for us, and several of you have responded positively to my email already. I have asked my adult book club if they would like to contribute to this cause also and one of them has already responded with offers of books–I’m sure the rest just haven’t had a chance to check their email and respond yet. I know that they all have many books that they will contribute to this cause, and most of the books would be books that would be of interest to women, because, duh, they are all women. The women in the shelter have a good bit of time on their hands in which they could read books. Emilie Ko. also suggested that we might want to collect children’s books as well, since many of the women in the shelter have children with them. Please email me or reply to the blog if you would like to help with this project. The main thing we would need to do is to put up some signs around school in case other people want to donate, bring any books that we could donate ourselves, and I will also email the staff to ask them to donate. If you have suggestions of other ways we could help, please let me know this also. We might consider putting signs up in places like Kroger if they would let us and if it is OK with Dr. Eddy. Please let me know if you have suggestions about this project.

One Response to “Help With Our Book Drive!”

  1. I’d love to help! I have a ton of books I could donate. Let me know where to send.

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