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Trivia Rocks!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on May 11, 2009

On Friday, May 10, we “experienced” the final Blatant Bibliophiles’ Friday Trivia @ The Unquiet Library of the year. And we rocked the house. In fourth lunch it was a close race between the Witty Wombats, Team Alpha Rainbow Snake Commander Squadron, Mandarin Elections, Bojangles!, Fortune Cookies, and NeverEnding Twilight. Managing to pull off a win by only one point were the Witty Wombats, featuring Danny, Patrick, Devin, Breanna, Sarah, and Calvin.

In fifth lunch, the race was on between the Babbling Bumbling Band of Baboons (spoken with an English accent), The Plastics, Time Honored Brewing Process, We’re On a Boat, Wookie Hookie, Mystery Inc., Team 3, and The Procrastinators. Time Honored Brewing Process, although inappropriately-named, managed to pull off a victory. The team consisted of Tim, Zach, Wade, Jan, and Blake.

The big winners of the day, with the highest point total ever, answering 25 of 30 questions correctly, was “???,” consisting of Tri, Megan, Josh, Jack, and McKenzie. They may not have been very creative when it came o thinking of team names, but they came through in answering the questions. And they even overcame ChaCha cheaters and Google cheaters. That’s right, you know who you are.

So today we celebrated with Domino’s, Coke, and cookies. Thanks to James, the manager at the Lathemtown Domino’s for giving us a great deal on the pizza, Sprite, and Coke. And thanks to Dr. Eddy for paying for the snacks and lunch. And thanks to Mrs. Beasley and Mr. Fleet for picking up the cookies and snacks. And thanks to all who participated and made trivia a blast. We love you, Trivia People!

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I Have a Kindle 2 and You Don’t. Or Maybe You Do.

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on May 11, 2009

Kindle by Joe Shlabotnik

Kindle 2 Photo Courtesy of Joe Shlabotnik by Flickr Creative Commons

Hello, all you unlucky people out there who don’t have a Kindle yet. I have nothing but sympathy for you, because I am now the hap-hap-happiest person in the whole world because I just got a Kindle 2 for Mother’s Day. (Yes, it is true that I am the greatest Mom in the world–not). But I got a Kindle 2 anyway. And I love it. My daughter got one a couple of months ago and she has been so in love with it that she conned my husband and son into divvying up with her to buy one for me for Mom’s Day. So now I have one, too, and I am madly in love. It is the best thing that has happened to me since audiobooks on Audible and iTunes. But don’t worry, iTunes, we won’t be breaking up any time soon, because even though my Kindle will read the books to me, its voice capacity leaves a lot to be desired. But the downloads are virtually instantaneous from Kindle’s 3G wireless network and only cost $6.04, as opposed to around $25-$30 for the audiobooks on iTunes and Audible. Sometimes more. Sometimes much more. And you can turn the Kindle 2’s audio off and on quickly and easily, or choose from a male or female voice. You can choose from over 275,000 books (plus newspapers, magazines, and blogs) and your Kindle 2 will hold over 1,500 of them. The new Kindle DX will hold even more–4,500 books, but it’s bigger, pricier, and not yet available. I figure by the time I could collect that many books, something new will be out. Plus the Kindle 2 is lighter than a paperback and as thin as a magazine, but tinier, so it fits easily into even a small purse. The Kindle DX also includes a native PDF reader, whereas the Kindle 2 has to convert them, and some complicated files might not convert perfectly. Most will, however. You can also obtain cool tools for your Kindle. I immediately ordered a cover/platform to use for hands-free reading by the pool and a tiny little nightlight for reading in bed. You can order all kinds of goodies from Amazon, the Kindle’s hometown. This is a link to more info about the Kindle 2 and all of its accessories. The Kindle 2 set my family back $359, whereas you’ll have to fork over $489 if you opt for the Kindle DX. And, oh, yeah, the Kindle 2 really is quite readable outside in bright light, unlike your evil laptop. And you can get documents (including the aforementioned PDFs) sent to you via email on your Kindle. I am so in love!

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Go Bibliophiles!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on May 4, 2009

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Blatant Bibliophiles book drive. We had over 500 books donated to the Canton Family Violence Center. Meghan F.’s mom took these books to the shelter last week where they are starting a new library for the children and teens who are there with their families while they are unable to be in their regular homes due to violent situations. This is a truly wonderful thing you have done in helping these families. The winners of the Barnes & Noble gift cards were Falyn T., who donated the most books, and Marlize S. and Paul B. who were winners in our random drawing. I would especially like to thank those who donated: Megan B., Paul B. (who donated 69 books), Emilie Ko. (who donated 75 books!), Marlize S. (who donated 49 books), Alex D., Haley P., Mrs. Shearer, Eli C., Sabrina G., Ashley J., Mrs. Shugart, Katie B., Falyn T., Tim D., Jessica H., Danielle C., Paige A., Kasey W., Sarah D., Alisha O. (who donated 49 books), and teen author Melissa Walker. Our book drive was featured this weekend on the readergirlz blog as part of their coverage of Teen Book Drop 2009.  You can read about it us at Your generosity was truly amazing! Thanks, guys!

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