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About the Blatant Bibliophiles

The Blatant Bibliophiles are the official Book Club of the Creekview High School Media Center, also known as The Unquiet Library. This blog is monitored by library media specialist Ruth Fleet. For further information about our media center, please visit our website at

6 Responses to “About the Blatant Bibliophiles”

  1. Thank you again and again for your daily support of 31 Flavorites!

  2. Kristie Tant said

    This is great!

  3. Kristie Tant said

    This is great.

  4. bibomedia said

    Have a nice day !

  5. I love the title of the blog — and the concept. As an author, I’m always glad to see that there are still people who love books — because books are power: power to learn, power to escape, power to understand, power to think, power to explore. Happy reading, bibliophiles!

  6. Thanks for the mention/praise of my blog. I appreciate the support and the encouragement!

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