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Go Bibliophiles!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on May 4, 2009

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Blatant Bibliophiles book drive. We had over 500 books donated to the Canton Family Violence Center. Meghan F.’s mom took these books to the shelter last week where they are starting a new library for the children and teens who are there with their families while they are unable to be in their regular homes due to violent situations. This is a truly wonderful thing you have done in helping these families. The winners of the Barnes & Noble gift cards were Falyn T., who donated the most books, and Marlize S. and Paul B. who were winners in our random drawing. I would especially like to thank those who donated: Megan B., Paul B. (who donated 69 books), Emilie Ko. (who donated 75 books!), Marlize S. (who donated 49 books), Alex D., Haley P., Mrs. Shearer, Eli C., Sabrina G., Ashley J., Mrs. Shugart, Katie B., Falyn T., Tim D., Jessica H., Danielle C., Paige A., Kasey W., Sarah D., Alisha O. (who donated 49 books), and teen author Melissa Walker. Our book drive was featured this weekend on the readergirlz blog as part of their coverage of Teen Book Drop 2009.  You can read about it us at Your generosity was truly amazing! Thanks, guys!

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Have YOU Rocked the Drop?

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on April 15, 2009

Operation Teen Book Drop

Don’t forget that we are Rockin’ the Drop with the Readergirlz , YALSA, and GuysLitWire by bringing in our gently used children’s and teen books to donate to the Family Violence Center. Tomorrow, April 16, is Teen Literature Day, but we are extending the donation day through Friday, April 17. We even got books yesterday donated by readergirlz diva Melissa Walker! Please clean out your closets and bookshelves TODAY and bring in your books tomorrow or Friday. We have candy (!) and we are giving away two Barnes and Noble gift cards. One to the person who donates the most books and one to a person whose name is drawn randomly from all donors. If you have donated books already and I did not take your picture, please come back in and remind me to snap a pic to send to readergirlz. Oh, and by the way, as of this minute we have 407 books donated so far! No, wait. Falyn just came in with three boxes FULL of books, about 200 more books!!!!!! Hooray! But bring in more books, please, the Family Violence Center is counting on us!

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Exciting Update On Our Service Project!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on March 6, 2009


So here’s the update on our book drive. We have offers of help from several of our Bibliophile members and from my other book club which is composed primarily of librarians. One of my librarian friends is a volunteer at the Cartersville library, and they are having a used book sale tomorrow. She is going to bring us some donations from their sale! Also exciting: one of our readers is author Melissa Walker, author of the Violet series: Violet on the Runway, Violet by Design, and Violet in Private. Her new book, Lovestruck Summer, will be coming out on May 5, just in time for summer beach reading! After Melissa’s generous offer, I challenged my other facebook author friends, so maybe when I get home tonight we will have more offers! Meghan F., who inspired our project, is going to the Women’s Crisis Center to volunteer tomorrow, so we will have more details of exactly what they need. In the meantime, Meghan says they can also use children’s books. Any books which would appeal to women–aka “chick lit”–would be great. It also looks like we’re going to need some members to volunteer to get books packaged up and delivered to the center. And I know some of you can still use some hours for National Honor Society! Thanks, everyone, for your generous offers!

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Help With Our Book Drive!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on March 5, 2009


In case you haven’t checked your email lately, Bibliophiles, we had a request from Meghan F. (a media center patron, but not a Bibliophile member) for donations of used books for the Women’s Crisis Center. I thought this might be a worthy project for us, and several of you have responded positively to my email already. I have asked my adult book club if they would like to contribute to this cause also and one of them has already responded with offers of books–I’m sure the rest just haven’t had a chance to check their email and respond yet. I know that they all have many books that they will contribute to this cause, and most of the books would be books that would be of interest to women, because, duh, they are all women. The women in the shelter have a good bit of time on their hands in which they could read books. Emilie Ko. also suggested that we might want to collect children’s books as well, since many of the women in the shelter have children with them. Please email me or reply to the blog if you would like to help with this project. The main thing we would need to do is to put up some signs around school in case other people want to donate, bring any books that we could donate ourselves, and I will also email the staff to ask them to donate. If you have suggestions of other ways we could help, please let me know this also. We might consider putting signs up in places like Kroger if they would let us and if it is OK with Dr. Eddy. Please let me know if you have suggestions about this project.

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