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Trivia Rocks!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on May 11, 2009

On Friday, May 10, we “experienced” the final Blatant Bibliophiles’ Friday Trivia @ The Unquiet Library of the year. And we rocked the house. In fourth lunch it was a close race between the Witty Wombats, Team Alpha Rainbow Snake Commander Squadron, Mandarin Elections, Bojangles!, Fortune Cookies, and NeverEnding Twilight. Managing to pull off a win by only one point were the Witty Wombats, featuring Danny, Patrick, Devin, Breanna, Sarah, and Calvin.

In fifth lunch, the race was on between the Babbling Bumbling Band of Baboons (spoken with an English accent), The Plastics, Time Honored Brewing Process, We’re On a Boat, Wookie Hookie, Mystery Inc., Team 3, and The Procrastinators. Time Honored Brewing Process, although inappropriately-named, managed to pull off a victory. The team consisted of Tim, Zach, Wade, Jan, and Blake.

The big winners of the day, with the highest point total ever, answering 25 of 30 questions correctly, was “???,” consisting of Tri, Megan, Josh, Jack, and McKenzie. They may not have been very creative when it came o thinking of team names, but they came through in answering the questions. And they even overcame ChaCha cheaters and Google cheaters. That’s right, you know who you are.

So today we celebrated with Domino’s, Coke, and cookies. Thanks to James, the manager at the Lathemtown Domino’s for giving us a great deal on the pizza, Sprite, and Coke. And thanks to Dr. Eddy for paying for the snacks and lunch. And thanks to Mrs. Beasley and Mr. Fleet for picking up the cookies and snacks. And thanks to all who participated and made trivia a blast. We love you, Trivia People!

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The Envelope, Please…

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on December 12, 2008


Wow! What a blast! We had a full day of trivia in The Unquiet Library today with ten teams participating during fourth lunch, eleven teams during fifth lunch, and nine teams during sixth lunch. In all, it was about a billion people. 😉 But who ruled the day? Was it the conquerors from the November round of trivia? The Pink Draculas? Team 3? Whatever the Ricky Bobbys were known as in November? Heck no! We had a whole new round of winners who came in and cleaned house and took the trophy (or should I say the pizza?) right out from under last month’s winners’ noses! The winners will have a pizza party during their lunch periods on Tuesday, December 14. Go winners! And the winners are (drum roll, please):

  • Fourth lunch: Chocolate Thunder (Kendall L.,  Austin N.,  Mark M.,  Joni L.,  Kate J., and Lindsay G.)
  • Fifth lunch: Purple Drank (Brittany Y., Miriam H., Matthew L., Laura L., Brittany R., and Elise S. )
  • Sixth lunch: A Cubed: Alisha W., Haley P., Alyssa P., Genay M., Natalie H., and Trianna B.

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They Came. They Saw. They Partied!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on November 20, 2008

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Remember all those guys and gals who won at trivia last Friday? You remember, Team Superior (brilliant yet bobbyish), Team # 3 (boring yet brilliant), and The Pink Draculas (brilliant yet beautiful–plus Tim). Well, here they are enjoying the fruits of their labor: pizza, Coke, Sprite, popcorn, and cupcakes. The first round of trivia was so successful that trivia will be back on December 12!!!!! To see the entire set of pix, check out Mrs. Hamilton’s flickr photostream. Stop by the media center for a form and get your team signed up ASAP. The deadline to sign up your team is Monday, December 8. Who will win next time? Will it be new competitors “Er”? Don’t think they have what it takes to take on the champs? We shall see!

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