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Celebrate November with the readergirlz!

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on November 3, 2008

The readergirlz divas began their website to celebrate gutsy girls in life and literature (Sorry, guys, we love you, too, but…there is no such thing as readerboyz; maybe we’ll have to look into that!) Since November is election month, the readergirlz are celebrating the power of their collective voices and asking us to join them with these events:
1. Their election pick: Long May She Reign, by Ellen Emerson White, a powerful and relevant novel that explores the life of a president’s daughter kidnapped by terrorists. Don’t forget to join the readergirlz for an online live chat in the readergirlz forum on November 18 at 9 PM, EDT.
2. Be sure to check out the readergirlz Voting Manifesta by readergirlz diva Mitali Perkins. Mitali has also written about politics in her book First Daughter: White House Rules. Her blog includes information about potention first daughters.
3. You can check out the readergirlz and their personal statements about voting on MySpace or on their new blog, or become their fan on Facebook.
4. Don’t forget that November is also Native American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month. Author Cynthia Leitich Smith, author of Tantalize and Rain is Not My Indian Name, and author Joseph Bruchac, author of Sacajawea, will be featured on the readergirlz MySpace Forum on November 6 at 9 PM EDT.
5. Get ready for a blog scavenger hunt! More details to follow soon! Check the readergirlz website for details!

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Booksie: A New Tool for Bookworms

Posted by blatantbibliophiles on October 14, 2008

Share Your Writing – free publishing, free stories, free poems, free novels via kwout

Sure you read, but can you write? Booksie is a website where you can publish and promote your own writing and where readers can access some of the best creative writing on the Internet, all neat and organized for easy browsing. According to the website, writers can:

  • Receive and respond to comments.
  • Post novels, short stories, poetry, articles, and more.
  • Track visits to their writing.
  • Make it onto the site’s Top 20 ranking lists.
  • Build and communicate with a fan-base.
  • Build a Booksie Profile Page.
  • Submit links to creative writing published elsewhere
  • Edit and remove your writing.
  • And readers can:

    • Become a fan and receive writer updates.
    • Comment and rate.
    • Serve as editors, determining which work receives more exposure on the homepage and the different genre publishing pages.
    • Communicate, interact, and support your favorite writers.

    The website is free and writers maintain ownership of their work and full rights. You can either publish directly to the site or link your writing from Booksie. There are lots of reasons to publish your writing on Booksie, including:

  • Control. As an author you have total control of your experience. You can remove your work whenever you want, delete innapropriate comments you receive, and monitor the number of visits and reads you get. You also retain full ownership of your work.
  • Flexibility. We give you tools to publish your work on the site or link to work published elsewhere. No other creative writing site on the Web does that.
  • Exposure. Booksie is visited by tens of thousands of readers a month eager to find interesting writing to read. The site also optimizes your work so that it is found by readers searching via the search engines – Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Fun. Writers and readers on the site enjoy meeting on another, bondings over common likes, and inspiring each other to future literary endeavors.
  • Mission. Be a part of something bigger. Help us build the largest organized dbase of creative and literary writing in the world.
  • Free. Doing all of this is completely free.
  • So if your hobbies include writing as well as reading, consider giving Booksie a try!

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    PollDaddy Rocks!

    Posted by blatantbibliophiles on August 29, 2008

    Have you tried PollDaddy? PollDaddy is a cool Web 2.0 tool that lets you quickly and easily create polls and surveys to post online on your blog, website or social networking site. PollDaddy has cool skins for your surveys, or you can create your own skins in CSS. You can get advanced online reporting of your results in real time as your data is collected. There are eleven question types for surveys that you can choose from, so you and your readers won’t be bored even when you become PollDaddy-addicted, like Ms. Hamilton. With the new advanced survey editor, you can easily create multi-page, multi-question surveys. You also get unlimited free polls, fourteen poll skins, and you can view results online, as XML, CSV, or subscribe to them via RSS. You can even add text, video, or pictures to your polls. There is full foreign language support, and you can block repeat voters by IP address or cookies and block fraudulent voters. You just have to try PollDaddy today to get started on your own polls and surveys!

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    Learn to Love Yourself!

    Posted by blatantbibliophiles on August 14, 2008

    Our friends at readergirlz are supporting Love Your Body Day 2008, which will be celebrated on October 15. You can find out more about this day on the Love Your Body website. Eighty percent of women are dissatisfied with their appearance due to low self esteem caused by impossibly high standards represented in print ads and television. Visit the site to find out what you can do to create positive images of girls and women and to learn how to treat your own body with respect.

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    Keep That Poetry Coming!

    Posted by blatantbibliophiles on April 18, 2008

    Cherry Tomatoes

    It’s still National Poetry Month, courtesy of the Academy of American Poets. Today’s poet is Sandra Beasley of Washington, D.C., a recent recipient of the 2008 Maureen Egen Writers Exchange Award. The award, sponsored by Poets & Writers— the nation’s largest nonprofit organization serving creative writers— provides two writers with an honorarium and all-expenses-paid trip to New York City in October to meet with agents, editors, publishers, and other members of the New York literary community. Beasley won the 2007 New Issues Poetry Prize for her book Theories of Falling (New Issues Poetry & Prose, 2008), selected by Marie Howe. Her poems have also been featured in Verse Daily and Best New Poets (Samovar Press, 2005) and in journals such as 32 Poems, Barrow Street, Blackbird, RHINO, and SLATE. Awards for her work include the 2006 Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize from Passages North and fellowships to Vermont Studio Center, Virginia Center for Creative Arts, and the Millay Colony. She serves on the editorial staff of The American Scholar. You can learn more about her at her website.

    Cherry Tomatoes
    by Sandra Beasley

    Little bastards of vine.
    Little demons by the pint.
    Red eggs that never hatch,
    just collapse and rot. When

    my mom told me to gather
    their grubby bodies
    into my skirt, I’d cry. You
    and your father, she’d chide—

    the way, each time I kicked
    and wailed against sailing,
    my dad shook his head, said
    You and your mother.

    Now, a city girl, I ease one
    loose from its siblings,
    from its clear plastic coffin,
    place it on my tongue.

    Just to try. The smooth
    surface resists, resists,
    and erupts in my mouth:
    seeds, juice, acid, blood

    of a perfect household.
    The way, when I finally
    went sailing, my stomach
    was rocked from inside

    out. Little boat, big sea.
    Handful of skinned sunsets.

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    Have You Tried GlassGiant, Bibliophiles?

    Posted by blatantbibliophiles on April 3, 2008


    Remember all the cool graphics you can make on ImageChef? Well, if you have already made millions of cool ImageChef images, you might also want to try GlassGiant. You can make lots of cool graphics, enjoy some “fun and games” (for example “Pumpkin Masher” and “Word Scrambler”) and even try your hand at “geek stuff” such as counting to 31 on one hand or making a trebuchet that can fire balls of Play-Doh! The images can be posted to your blog, website, or your MySpace or FaceBook page. I did have some issues with embedding to WordPress, but all I had to do was save my lovely image and upload it.

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    Calling All Book Divas!

    Posted by blatantbibliophiles on March 25, 2008

    Book Divas

    Are you a book diva? Do you live for books? Well, you may be interested in a cool website, BookDivas. BookDivas is a great place to go for book reviews; interviews with authors; writing tips for budding authors; book trailers and author videos; writing resources to help you with grammar, style, poetry writing, self-publishing, and book clubs. There is even a blog, and there are fun author visits. Once you’ve written your own book, you can even promote it on BookDivas. You can even post an excerpt of your book in their “Works in Progress” section and get feedback from other readers. What, I ask you, could be cooler than that? Some day you, too, could be one of BookDiva‘s book divas! Check it out today!

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    Simon Says “Listen!”

    Posted by blatantbibliophiles on March 25, 2008

    cityofashes.jpgHave you checked out the great podcasts on YA books from Simon and Schuster?  If not, check out the latest “booktalk” via podcast about City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare—this podcast features an interview with Ms. Clare!  Here is what Simon and Schuster have to say about this cool podcast:

    In today’s Simon Pulse podcast, we’ll talk with Cassandra Clare about City of Ashes, the second book in the Mortal Instruments series. This breathtaking sequel to City of Bones lures readers back into the dark grip of New York City’s Downworld, where love is never safe and power becomes the deadliest temptation.

     There are three ways to listen and subscribe to this podcast:

    Download this podcast (MP3)
    Subscribe with iTunes
    Subscribe (RSS)

    For additional cool podcasts, try these resources from Simon and Schuster:

    SimonSays Podcast

    A monthly podcast providing the inside scoop on the hottest authors and books for teens.

    SimonSays Weekly Podcast:
    A weekly podcast providing information on Simon and Schuster latest books and audiobooks.
    Subscribe with iTunes
    Subscribe (RSS/XML)

    SimonSays Pulse Podcast:
    A monthly podcast providing the inside scoop on the hottest authors and books for teens.
    Subscribe with iTunes
    Subscribe (RSS/XML)

    SimonSays Book Club Reader Podcast:
    A monthly podcast providing the inside scoop on Simon and Schuster authors and books for your bookclub.
    Subscribe with iTunes
    Subscribe (RSS/XML)  

    Thanks to Ms. Hamilton’s post at “The Unquiet Library” blog for this info!

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    Is TypoGenerator Your Type?

    Posted by blatantbibliophiles on March 11, 2008

    Typo Generator

    Have you tried Typo Generator? If not, then you are definitely not in the cool. Typo Generator lets you make wild graphics with letters and numbers; then you can save them as picture files to upload to your blogs, social networking sites like MySpace or FaceBook, or other websites. Just type in the letters and/or numbers you want to use, then click on “Generate New.” Don’t like what you see? Then check “Destroy” to change the text style, colors, and/or background. Then check “Try Again.” You can try again all day and all night if you have the stamina. Once you’re satisfied, just right click on your graphic to save it as a picture file, then upload it to your desired location. Voila! You have a beautarific design like the one you see in front of you! Some kinda fun, huh?

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    Are You On the Same Page with Pageflakes?

    Posted by blatantbibliophiles on March 5, 2008


    Do you love iGoogle? Well, now there’s a new sheriff in town. Pageflakes is another easy way to discover and share your favorite things on the Web. Whether you want to keep your friends informed, track blogs and news sources that you read daily, or you just want to express your ideas and interests, Pageflakes provides you with everything you need, in pages with your own unique style. Pageflakes has thousands of Flakes or widgets including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, a message board, blogs, and hundreds of RSS feeds to choose from. Design and create a page that you can have for yourself or share with anyone you choose. Better yet, visit The Unquiet Library’s Pageflake page.

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